January 18, 2017

I am a "sewcialist"

Hello, my name is Diana and I'm addicted to sewing!

You can just call me a "sewcialist."

Haha! But really... I do love to sew. My mama taught me how when I was eight years old. She had a 1951 Singer Sewing Machine including cabinet exactly like this one.

I've used several more modern machines over the years, but nothing ran as smooth as my mama's Singer!

My first sewing projects were clothes for the Barbie my parents had gotten me for Christmas a couple years earlier. I spent many a happy day sitting at that machine totally engrossed in whatever project had my attention at the time. My Grandma Dessenberger still had a treadle sewing machine that she even let me try a couple times.

I taught oldest Granddaughter M how to sew a couple years ago. We haven't had a whole lot of time to spend on sewing, mostly because of the busy-ness of life that gets in the way. A couple weekends ago was her turn for a stayover and we spent the time doing several spur-of-the-moment craft and sewing projects. We Modge Podge-d a new cover on her school art notebook, sewed a zipper cosmetic case, a fabric iphone charger station, a pillowcase, and made two tie blankets. The other things weren't done yet when I took this photo of the blankets and pillowcase she made.

We had a ice storm this past weekend which kept many of us in the region stuck inside, so I dug around on Pinterest for some ideas of something to do. I worked on a couple projects simultaneously (I do that a lot, haha). One I'm still working on because it involves Modge Podge and lengthy drying times. The other was a sewing craft...

I'm not sure if it's a catmonster or a monstercat. Ha!

After finishing him up today, I can sure feel it in my aging, aching fingers. ­čśŤ But it was lots of fun. I may have to do another!

January 10, 2017

10 random things about me

I've been stuck offline because my modem/router finally bit the dust. It'll be a few days until I can replace it, but in the meantime, I thought I'd do a quick post via my iphone (which I do not like to do) so ya'll would know I'm still around. The only thing I could think of is a list of 10 random things about me. So, here goes...

1. I do not like chocolate. I don't like chocolate anything (candy, fudge, muffins, cereal, cake, etc.). I don't like the smell, I don't like the texture, I don't like the flavor. Yes, I've always been this way.

2. I am allergic to nearly 99% of the antibiotics that are out there. There are only two that can be used for me that are approved for surgery. If I get sick, I tough it out.

3. I do not know how to swim. I like water. I get in the pool with the grandkids. But I cannot get this body to float to save my life.

4. I don't own a tv. And I do not care.

5. I've an extremely low tolerance to smells. For instance, I start choking and hacking away when I'm near anyone wearing perfume or cologne, or when there are scented candles burning, and goodness gracious don't get me started on the store smells around Christmas. The biggest thing is I can't be around people who smoke. I used to smoke... I quit back in 2006 and that's when my intolerance for all smells began. Go figure.

6. I never wear makeup. Ya'll can keep it, but I hate it. (I take that back... I wore a light coating for our 2006 family portraits, but that's it.)

7. I can speak and read German ... or more precisely, Plattd├╝├╝tsch/Plattdeutsch (Low German). My Grandma Buller spoke it, and so I learned from her and in German class in high school.

8. I have one sibling, a brother two years younger. He was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic in 1987. Because of how that affects the patient's mind – having delusions (false beliefs) that a person or some individuals are plotting against them – I've not seen or heard from him in all these years.

9. What sets my nerves on edge are those ticking clocks while waiting for the doctor to come into the room. Because I live with daily migraines (life-long), the noise they make is amplified to the extreme in my head.

10. I'm happiest just sitting outdoors, listening to the quiet sounds of nature and savoring what God has made for me to enjoy in that environment.

Maybe I'll use a couple of those as post topics in the future. 'Til later, my friends!

December 31, 2016

All Glory be to Christ

I'm sorry I've been somewhat AWOL the past couple weeks. I thought I was going to get through December for the first time without my depression completely taking over. In fact, I made it to within a few days of Christmas, thinking I was actually going to finally succeed. But then it all came to a screeching halt.

As an adult, I've just not been all that interested in Christmas, let alone the month of December. Decorating for "the season" has never been a big thing for me. I have, but more times than not we've opted to not put up a Christmas tree or decorations... unless it was during the couple years when we talked the kids and grandkids into spending the day with us, then I went as all-out as we could afford for them.

Sorry to be a "downer" for those who thrive during the month. Most people just don't understand what this time of year can do to us who deal with especially difficult depression during the holidays. The only reasons I have for my own case are things that have happened and losing several family members over the years in these months. People also deal with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). In all the years I've blogged, I've not posted during the month of December – until this year. After Thanksgiving each year, I would simply say "I don't do December or Christmas" and leave it at that. I really tried this year, but, well...

I do, however, exult in Christ's birth! He is the reason for the season, as they say. I thank God every day for sending His Son to save me from myself, to wash my sins away, and provide everlasting life for me through Jesus Christ!

Many will be celebrating this last day of 2016, looking forward to a fresh new start and making "resolutions." I've never done "New Year's resolutions," instead believing that if I'm going to commit to doing something – and accomplish it – then by golly, I'll do it whatever time of year it is! And my focus will always be on the One Who has The Plan for my life, always asking that His Will be done.

So, as we begin 2017, please allow me to leave you with this song that encourages us to remember Christ's glory in everything past, present, and future. Its melody uses that of "Auld Lang Syne."

Original words: Dustin Kensrue, © Dead Bird Theology (ASCAP), It’s All About Jesus Music (ASCAP)

I hope 2017 is filled with blessings for you. All Glory be to Christ!