December 16, 2016

What my mama and daddy made

I don't go shopping but maybe a couple times a month, and even then it's usually just groceries. But sometimes I need to run to Walmart for something, and when I have extra time I'll spend a few minutes in "the Barbie aisle."

When I was little, I had a 1963 Fashion Queen Barbie... the one with the molded head and blue headband that came with the three wigs. I also had Ken and Skipper dolls later on, but I loved that Barbie doll more than anything else.

Nowadays, there are so many different types and styles of Barbie dolls. Oohh, like this Spaghetti Chef Barbie ... hey, I love spaghetti!

My parents could have gotten a store-bought plastic "closet" for my Barbie and all her stuff... but my daddy made a special wooden carrying case, complete with closet area, pull-out draws, a spot for the Barbie, and extra room for future items and painted it himself! Bigger than anything available at that time to hold Barbie and all her goodies! It still brings tears to my eyes when I think how much time he must have put into that... just for his daughter.

This Deluxe Bathroom Barbie and Farm Vet Barbie can't even compete with what my dad lovingly made with his hands.

I received the Barbie doll and the homemade carrying case from my parents for Christmas in 1963, along with a bunch of clothes sewn by my mama for my Barbie. She bought the little Barbie clothes hangers and placed each outfit carefully on the clothes rack in the case. I can specifically remember a beautiful blue coat and matching hat, a yellow summer dress, a spring dress of white eyelet with embroidered cherries (exactly like the one she'd made for me that previous summer!), and a shimmery white satin evening gown with {fake} fur stole and matching purse. I know there were other clothing pieces, but can't recall everything. And I know she sewed them all herself... for her daughter. (My mama taught me to sew a couple years later when I was eight-years-old... making Barbie clothes!)

Hmm ... I do like the Ballet Barbie (below, on the left), but my mama's handmade clothes for my Barbie meant a so much more.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what happened to my Barbie or the clothes or the carrying case my parents put so much time into making just for me. Sure would have loved to have been able to show you a photo of it all. But I can still see it in my mind all these years later. And I can still remember all the hours of fun I had playing with that Barbie.

Here's to memories from years past!

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