January 18, 2017

I am a "sewcialist"

Hello, my name is Diana and I'm addicted to sewing!

You can just call me a "sewcialist."

Haha! But really... I do love to sew. My mama taught me how when I was eight years old. She had a 1951 Singer Sewing Machine including cabinet exactly like this one.

I've used several more modern machines over the years, but nothing ran as smooth as my mama's Singer!

My first sewing projects were clothes for the Barbie my parents had gotten me for Christmas a couple years earlier. I spent many a happy day sitting at that machine totally engrossed in whatever project had my attention at the time. My Grandma Dessenberger still had a treadle sewing machine that she even let me try a couple times.

I taught oldest Granddaughter M how to sew a couple years ago. We haven't had a whole lot of time to spend on sewing, mostly because of the busy-ness of life that gets in the way. A couple weekends ago was her turn for a stayover and we spent the time doing several spur-of-the-moment craft and sewing projects. We Modge Podge-d a new cover on her school art notebook, sewed a zipper cosmetic case, a fabric iphone charger station, a pillowcase, and made two tie blankets. The other things weren't done yet when I took this photo of the blankets and pillowcase she made.

We had a ice storm this past weekend which kept many of us in the region stuck inside, so I dug around on Pinterest for some ideas of something to do. I worked on a couple projects simultaneously (I do that a lot, haha). One I'm still working on because it involves Modge Podge and lengthy drying times. The other was a sewing craft...

I'm not sure if it's a catmonster or a monstercat. Ha!

After finishing him up today, I can sure feel it in my aging, aching fingers. 😛 But it was lots of fun. I may have to do another!

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  1. I am so glad you told me your birthday is also Jan. 22 We are birthday twins tomorrow! I will be 59. I also LOVE to sew and have a treadle sewing machine like the one you pictured.

    I hope you have a lovely birthday and wishing you many many more healthy and happy years.


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