February 13, 2017

A miscellaneous couple of weeks

I hadn't expected to be away from blogging for two weeks, but it seemed my days were constantly busy, sometimes being changed at the last minute. Ugh. I have OCD and reeeeeeeeally hate when I have to reroute my day.

The winter sickness crud is going around in our region somethin' fierce. I haven't gotten it (yet), but daughter-in-law A had it all of last week and is still fighting it this week. Youngest granddaughter K has basically had it on and off for several weeks. The oldest two, granddaughter M and grandson A haven't really gotten it, but stayed home a day or two each just not feeling well last month. Annnnnd my youngest son J has it now for the third time since the first of December.


So I've been alternately taking care of daughter-in-law A and running errands for her, getting grandkids to and from school and other activities, all while making sure Jerry and I still have time together and he gets to doctor appointments... and all the other stuff in-between.

Somewhere in there I helped youngest son J get his two guinea pigs to their first vet appointment. We think they're about a year old... "Spike" (the first photo) is a Peruvian guinea pig and Ace (the second photo) is an American guinea pig.

Ace's photo is a little blurry because he's always on the move. The photos were taken last summer, so they're bigger boys now, but still look the same. Both are definite sweethearts. Guinea pigs, like many other pets, are known for helping folks who have been diagnosed with PTSD, like my son J. When son J and his fiancé C take off for anything out-of-town, I get to care for Spike and Ace. They're such fun little fellows!

I've also been to a couple funerals for family members of two couples in my small group (Bible study group). One, an elderly mother, was somewhat expected. The other, an absolutely upstanding young man who was almost 30 years old, died in a car/train accident. He had helped us move Jerry's belongings the couple times between nursing facilities. Jerry and I can empathize with his parents on the death of an adult child. Such a sad, sad couple of good-byes.

I seem to be suddenly dealing with increased pain in my right hip. I've had some pain now and then in that hip for a few years, but the past couple months it's gotten worse. Praying that it doesn't mean something urgent, like a need for surgery since I don't have insurance and can't afford it. There's always something.

Well, going to close for now. Hope all is well with you and yours. Remember to keep your nose... er, head... up!


  1. Diana, It's nice to see your post! You certainly have been busy with many things. Hopefully things will slow down for you.

    Have a nice week and Happy Valentine's day to you!

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann! Good to see you here again. Happy Valentine's Day to you (a day late, haha)! Have a lovely week yourself!


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