March 7, 2017

Pray for Kansas

As of today, our state is going on several days of ferocious winds of anywhere from 30-55mph (sometimes higher).

This has not been good... because our state is dealing with dangerous, out-of-control wildfires in several areas, including the city where I live. All we see and hear are sirens from the firefighting equipment trucks as they come through town, and the National Guard helicopters overhead as they do water drops. This is the sky we've been seeing for days because of all the smoke...

Late yesterday afternoon, the wind changed and came from the north, putting our city in danger. Then, last night, the northern half of our city was evacuated... over 10,000 residents went to safe shelters.

The wildfire north of our city is 0% contained. Those residents are still unable to go home. We all know someone affected by this – many families and friends. There are firefighting personnel from 116 agencies here trying to get it under control.

And the wind is still just as crazy as it has been for several days.

There is hope on the horizon – rain is in the forecast, but not until Friday night.

Come onnnnnnn rain!

Please join us in praying for Kansas, particulary the city of Hutchinson and areas north of us. And the firefighters, evacuees, and everyone else affected by this craziness.

Lord, you calmed the stormy sea... please, Jesus, calm the Kansas winds.


  1. Oh wow, I will be praying for sure!

  2. Praying for you Diana and also for everyone else involved.

  3. Diana, I've thought of you and wondered how you were doing!


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