March 5, 2017

Silly Sunday {my mom/stepmom}

Soooooo... I've had connectivity issues with the internet the past several weeks. And of course it got worse right after my last blog post, making it impossible to do anything online. The tech for the company I use was just here (on a Sunday!) and found the problem. A minor silly problem. And there will be no charge.


In honor of this silly problem so easily fixed... or maybe the no charge part... I thought I'd leave you with a favorite picture of my mom (stepmom). She knew how to be silly and make people laugh.

We were visiting the thrift store run by their church when she found an orange wig over in the seasonal section, put it on her head, walked over and said, "Just call me carrot top."

We didn't know it at the time I took this photo (August 2011) that her cancer had returned. Mom's been gone five years as of February 20. It still seems like yesterday. I sure do miss that dear, sweet woman.


  1. Your mom looks like she was a wonderful person. Hope you are doing well and keeping healthy. Have a good week.

    1. She sure was! We were certainly blessed to have her in our family. :)

      Trying to keep from getting the colds and flu going around in our area. You have a great week too, Mary Anne!


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