March 11, 2017

That crazy Kansas weather

And just like that, the wildfires north of our city were contained. It ended nearly as quickly as it began. Such stress for everyone involved, but thankfully, there were only two injuries and those were to firefighters (they're doing fine). Unfortunately, there were cattle losses due to smoke, horses and pets and humans were traumatized, and eleven families lost everything.

But no one died!
Praise the Lord!

I had just pulled in at the medical center on Wednesday and happened to notice the two Blackhawk helicopters (that were doing the water drops on the wildfires) as they went by every few minutes refilling from a local pond. So I caught a few photos and noticed the neat water trail as they flew over...

The residents of the area affected by the wildfires were allowed to go back home late afternoon on Thursday. I can only imagine their shock upon seeing the devastation. One of my Instagram friends lives in that area, but his family is blessed to still have their home.

What a crazy, stressful week for everyone.

Yet all those warm temperatures over several days – mid-70s to 80s – brought out a burst of abundant new growth in the area – flower bulbs, shrubs, trees...

And then there's today.

I'm sure every Kansan is rolling their eyes at "that crazy Kansas weather."

We had snow flurries.


But it wasn't even enough to wet your tongue.

Ah well. To live in Kansas you have to have a sense of weather humor. And patience.

If you don't like the weather of the moment, just wait five minutes...

It'll change!

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